Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broccoli and Cheese Story

The Story of Broccoli and Cheese
By: Jaden Anglesey

Once upon a time there was a castle made out of cheese. There were five people in the family that lived in the castle. One was named Jesse, one was named Sarah, one was named Jaden, one was named Ashley and the littlest was named Dallin.

One day a giant came and he wrecked the top of the castle and ate it. The people searched and searched and searched for more cheese to fix the castle.

That night the people in the castle slept very cold because the castle had been wrecked and they didn’t have enough blankets to keep them warm. In the morning they went to the market to find more cheese to fix the castle. They just found a little bit of cheese to put on it.

The next night a tractor with a ton of cheese came to fix the castle.

In the kingdom next door was a broccoli castle. They were enemies with the cheese kingdom.  They had a broccoli canon. The cheese kingdom had a cheese canon.

They fought against each other. The cheese people fought the broccoli people and the broccoli people fought the cheese people.

But when the giant was attacking them they decided to work together and fight the giant. They conquered the giant and learned how to work together.

This is how broccoli and cheese became great friends.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Cup Cake Decorations

This is a fun decoration idea for a class party or friendly luncheon.

I helped my friend make them for the Boy Scout dinner and just loved the way they looked.

What you'll need:

Chocolate cupcakes
Whipped frosting
Red sugar sprinkles
Cherry Juju hearts
Red Fruit by the Foot (cut with fancy scissors or some have a cute pattern to tear out)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog's Day Printables

Here are a few printables for Groundhog's Day. It was pretty hard to find free ones I liked, so I thought I'd share (even if it is today). Hope you all have a fun day schooling!

Paper Bag Puppet- Groundhog
Groundhog worksheets and coloring pages
Math Secret Code from Phil
Word Search

Shadows. Shadows. We have had so much fun with shadows!

  • We had some animal cutouts and I held them up outside and the children had to figure out what animal it was by the shadow cast on the house.
  • We also did profile sketches of each of the children's faces- and their cute little noses!!